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First blog post

Through this site I’d like to connect with teachers and trainers involved in children’s language learning.  I’ve been working with teacher trainers and teachers of children from 4 – 11 for twenty years.  If you want to know more about my previous experiences look at about me.

There are links to my work and extracts from some of my publications. Since a great deal of my current work involves using my puppet assistant Bear I’d also like to introduce him and provide some support for teachers who are interested in using puppet assistants in language learning.

Finally there is a photo gallery.  Some of my course photos taken over the years have been lost so if anyone has a photo of their group and would like to share  memories of the time we worked together I would be delighted to include it in the gallery!

This site is new and I hope to develop it.  If you have any suggestions I would be very pleased to hear from you – so do contact me.

3 Responses to “First blog post”

  1. Enric Calvet says:

    I’ve just have noticed that you’ve been awarded by the ELTons awards for ‘Teaching with Bear’.

    These are excellent news and I would like to congratulate you for this!

    I just copy what it is said in the British Council web page about.

    “Teaching with Bear helps teachers introduce puppets into their lessons confidently and effectively. It shows how using a puppet as a language assistant and learner will motivate learners aged 4-11 to learn English. The accompanying DVD includes interviews with teacher trainer and author Mary Slattery, real classroom extracts of teachers using Bear, and lots of activities and ideas. Teachers find out how using a puppet can help them to stage a lesson and connect with other areas of the curriculum, and to involve a puppet in listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities in a way that includes all children.

    Judge’s comments: ‘A polished product, attractively designed (both book and Bear) and easy to navigate’ ”

    Congratulations Mary for this wonderful book!

    • Mary says:

      Thanks Enric for your kind words and positive comments about the book. Work and family commitments happened just after receiving the award so I’ve only just got back today. I’m looking forward to writing about some educational issues in coming posts when Bear finally recovers …

  2. Charo Saiz says:

    Congratulations,Mary, for this second award on “Teaching with Bear”. I’m using it with my 4 and 5 year old and they love him.

    Congratulations too for your webblog! It will be very useful for us, the Primary teachers! Thank you

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