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Back to school – what’s the best advice you’ve ever got?

Imagine the scene….

First week of school … 44 four year olds in a classroom … missing their familiar world …  most of them stunned by the presence of so many other four year olds … the teacher is new …the principal is helping out…

Having agreed to stand in for a teacher who had been taken ill I was now facing my first class. The principal was marvellous – guiding parents, children and me through the routine.

When the class seemed nearly settled I noticed her moving slowly through the groups of children – going towards the door.

She was leaving!!

Panic rose as I watched. At the door she turned and smiled don’t worry … you’ll be fine…just try not to lose any of them!

That was over forty years ago.

Since then I’ve become very aware of how wise she was and my understanding of “try not to lose any of them” has deepened considerably as you can imagine!!

Definitely the best advice I ever got and first on my list for teachers.

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