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Holiday time gets attention!

Bear is now on holidays – so time for a few bear activities such as eating berries – in this photo the raspberries are just right!

Last week Bear was with me and a group of teachers who work with under sevens. No raspberries but a lot of talk about getting and maintaining attention in a classroom of 20 or 30 young children.  Can be a daunting task!   We all agreed on the basics

  • attention levels vary depending on natural development and interest
  • good sitting and good listening routines work well

Rhymes and songs that end with children ready to listen really help. Among the favourites was any variation on the simple four-line format

Show me one, show me two,

Show me a wave, look at you!

Ready to learn, ready to see

Ready to listen, now look at me!

Bear of course helps maintain attention and encourages recall when children can

  • see clearly what Bear shows them.
  • interact with him – moving freely to hold and examine what he gives them.
  • play games that involve pointing or naming things that Bear has.

But he also holds children’s attention through individual contact and noticing. Bear always looks around the room at each child. He knows the children in the classes he visits regularly and being an observant little Bear he notices changes.  He’s as interested in the children as they are in him- and they really enjoy his attention!

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