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Dancing in Lúnasa

Can’t believe it’s already August, or Lúnasa as we say in Irish.   Bear has been doing some reading support work over the summer holidays and is now taking a break to enjoy one of his favourite activities  – berry hunting! He needed to put on glasses so as not to miss any on this bush!

Bilberry picking on the hilltops was traditional in Ireland.  Bear wants to keep up all these customs, especially dancing of course! So he’s practising his steps and was delighted with the following link from a friend Dancing. You can read more about Dancing Matt here.

4 Responses to “Dancing in Lúnasa”

  1. Hi Mary,

    Great to see Bear is so active and thriving.

    Your post title reminded me of the wonderful play of the same name. Thanks for the memory.


    • Mary says:

      Thanks Jonathan!
      Glad to see you got the connecting reference.
      Bear is in France at the moment and sends big hugs to all!

  2. Charo says:

    Hi, Mary

    I have just discovered your web site. It’s nice to see Bear again.
    I’m sure you two have made a delicious cake with all those bilberries. I wish I was there to taste it again!!!

    • Mary says:

      Thanks Charo – Bear is still out and about! Made some new friends this summer and has been doing some reading support work.
      Bear sends hugs to you and your classes!

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