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Bear in Berlin

Been a while since I wrote about Bear’s activities but he has been active in various classes around the world. Lately he has participated in some very enjoyable class trips. One that stood out was a visit to the MACHmit museum in Berlin, which offers theme-oriented workshops for children up to 12. These workshops often coincide with on-going exhibitions.

Bear and his young friends saw an exhibition devoted to Paul Klee showing paintings and his creative workshop tables. The materials on the tables matched appropriate topic areas for the kindergarten children. The focus on shapes, size, colours, space, allowed Bear to help children remember names, categorize and notice similarity and difference.

This was only one small part of the museum but it immediately reminded me of how a well-organized classroom can help children engage in a variety of open-ended activities in imaginative ways. As always it was a learning experience to see how these table activities could fit into everyday lessons.


Paul Klee exhibition


what do you think?

stick picture











There were lots of other brilliant activities in the museum. If you’re interested you can read more about it in this blog Museum Diary.

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  1. Jenni says:

    Thanks for link to my blog! Glad you enjoyed the museum 🙂

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