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About me

My mother was a teacher so I grew up listening to her talking with her friends about their work in all its variety.  They used to discuss how to manage large classes, the importance of acknowledging children’s different talents, and how to make materials.  I thought this was normal for everyone.  Much later in my life I appreciated that I had been listening to practical suggestions from experienced teachers.

I began teaching languages to young children and teenagers in the 1960s. Working with adults in the 1980s I was fortunate to meet a small group of teachers who were looking for an intensive course on classroom practices and language. They were my first group of English language teachers.  After that I worked in university on pre-service and in-service ELT development programmes as well as on short training courses for secondary and primary teachers.

Since 1999 I’ve worked exclusively with primary teachers travelling to many different countries for talks and school visits as well as preparing custom designed courses. My publications include English for Primary Teachers (with Jane Willis) which in 2001 won the ESU Duke of Edinburgh Award, the Frank Bell Prize and was shortlisted for the Ben Warren Prize. My latest publication Teaching with Bear won the ESU Duke of Edinburgh Award Best Entry for Children 2009 and has just won an  ELTon 2010 Innovation Award.

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