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Conference APAC 2010

I’ve just come back from the APAC Conference in Barcelona. I love this size of conference because you actually get to meet people – reuniting with old friends and making new ones – as well as attending some great sessions.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to as many as I wanted because like most well organized conferences there were concurrent events. Big thank you to everyone in APAC for a super job!

Cataluña has always been exceptionally fortunate and I’m not referring to atmosphere – weather – art – food!!! The teachers  are so motivated and interested in professional development – it’s infectious. As someone commented during the conference – it probably has a lot to do with being a bilingual environment. The issue of language learning and teaching is ever present.

Late Friday and early Saturday I got to some sessions on primary language teaching – always a great opportunity to discover what is of prevailing interest in different places and contexts. And after my second session I had the chance to chat with several teachers and all the issues that came up were food ….for thought… so next week I’ll be coming back to some of them.

Recently I’ve also been drawn to anything with supporting web access and at APAC I attended two presentations with links you might like to check out. A presentation on wikis by Susan Dreger  who has an online link and  a presentation  by Chris Roland aimed at pre-school and lower primary introducing his great downloadable little characters which you can access at

And on Friday while I was talking about what we, as language teachers,  can learn from modern learning approaches in  primary education what do you think my little assistant was doing?  Was he practising for our joint session the next day? No way –  out and about – spoon at the ready – enjoying a taste of some traditional Catalonian delights – chocolate y melindros! Next time I think I’ll take time out and let him do a session on his own…

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